The Headcannon School for Gifted Tropers*

Since 1337

The Headcannon School for Gifted Tropers prides itself on its wide curriculum, its variety of offered courses, its diversity of available classes, and its propensity for redundancy. At the Headcannon School for Gifted Tropers we strive to always use the full name of our establishment, so that it gets stuck in your head and cannot ever be forgotten. Below are the tracks currently being offered at the Headcannon School for Gifted Tropers, and a description of the classes they contain.

The Short Story Track | Contemplate Your Mortality

End [speculative fantasy] – Mundane, mortal revenge can only take you so far. Learn from a pissed-off god as he goes to frankly ridiculous lengths in order to screw over the deity who made the mistake of challenging him to a Duel to Eternal Death.

Undead Inside [fantasy] – Don’t make the same mistake as these Necromancers – the inability to control your own Undead warriors can lead to confusing, drawn-out battles, stomach pains, diarrhea, vomiting, and even death. Watch a group of Skeletals take advantage of the situation, and you’ll never skip out on your rune practice again.

Summons – [speculative fantasy] – What do you do when you are inevitably snatched from your comfortable reality and brought to a foreign world? Do you break physics? Start a real estate venture? Head back home and call it a day? Adrian will likely find out.

The Snippet Track | Parts of Something Greater

Echoes [sci-fi/superhero] – Working for the Boss is fun, but don’t get too comfortable – you never know when some crazy superpowered alien is going to burst through the giant Tear in reality your organization is studying. Luckily, Echo has some tricks of her own. So should you.

Mapmaker, Mapbreaker [fantasy] – Worldmapper, Protector, boring villager; the choice is never easy. Whether it be a lack of natural social status or a global earthquake that kills your parents, the world will never stop trying to bring you down. Manch won’t let that happen to him–he’s got bigger goals.

Origin Stories Are For Superheroes [superhero…satire?]Not everyone falls in a vat of toxic waste or is granted a special ring to get their powers; sometimes you just wake up and can’t see the floor.

I’m No Superhero [take a guess] – What if all the superheroes suddenly disappeared? What would you do? One must be prepared for such an eventuality.

The Fanfiction Track | Whimsy & Shenanigans Turned Up To Eleven

Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Dark Lord – The unholy crossover of–
You know what, you’re just going to have to check it out. Believe me, it’s easier done than explained.

The Worldbuilding Track | One Scene At A Time

The Calm Before the Stars – Galactic deities, Faiths spread across hundreds of star-systems. A god who wishes he was anything else. A god who finds an exploit in the Universe itself. A man more powerful than any god, though he will die in a blink of their Heavenly eyes. In such a reality, what chance do the people of Earth have of ever reaching the stars?

*A subsidiary of Headcannon Etc.