I’m No Superhero

I’m no superhero. I can’t fly, or walk through walls; can’t shoot energy beams or control fire. But that’s okay. The super part was never what made superheroes, heroes. And besides, they’re gone. No more super. No more superheroes.

The supervillains, though, they’re still out there. In many cases, the super is what made them villains.

So now it’s up to the regular heroes, the everyman, to take them down. Not Everyman the superhero. He’s gone, too. Changing faces didn’t help him escape.

I’ve got a costume, now, just delivered. Private corporations are sponsoring people to become heroes. Maybe looking like I have superpowers will help. Maybe it won’t. It’s not terribly important. Either way, supervillains will be taken off the streets. I practically have superpowers anyway—my sponsor, like many others, has provided me with strange tech in the form of weapons. Augmented gauntlets and the like. My training included many things, many forms of combat, espionage, and a hundred other specializations. And I’m doing the right thing—after all, I got sponsored, didn’t I?

I’ve picked my first target; the first supervillain to witness the long reach of the law in the form of vigilante justice. Technically outside the law, but justice doesn’t need a permit.

I’m excited to see how I’ll be able to do against these guys with my battle-tech, which just about puts me toe-to-toe with the supervillains in terms of combat ability. Before recently, vigilantes only had the resources they could find online. Now we’re on even footing with those bastards.

The supervillain I’ve decided to go after calls himself The Iron Curtain. I’m guessing he’s Russian. This guy doesn’t discriminate between good guys and bad guys when it comes to who he beats on; apparently he thinks it’s open season in Charlie County, or something. He hasn’t been active for long, his first appearance being at the DiamondClear Bank fiasco last month, where he fought with Fortress over the contents of a certain vault, each trying to steal it from the other. It’s a good thing supervillains never work together.

And now, it’s time to go dish out some justice, full servings for everyone.

It’s time to pull down The Iron Curtain. After this, he won’t be getting any more encores.


Someone’s got to do something; if that someone has to be me—so be it. The situation got out of hand before we’d ever even had a grasp on it.

No, I’m not invincible. But the power armor will help with that. And no, I can’t punch through walls or electrocute someone at a distance. But the power armor will help with that too.

It seems like every other week there’s a new supervillain on the streets, trying to knock the top villainous dog off his throne to claim the title of Charlie County’s biggest and baddest. It’s about time a superhero showed up. With my power armor, no one will be able to tell the difference. I’ll be a superhero, for all intents and purposes. Mostly, the purpose of putting supervillains in jail. I’m sure the police won’t like some vigilante stepping on their toes, but it can’t be helped; they need the assistance, and I’m not going to leave that assistance ungiven.

Tonight, I make my debut—as the first superhero of Charlie County since the Tragedy. My target is the supervillain who took down The Iron Curtain about three weeks ago, stealing the contents of a government transport vehicle from the mad Russian. It’s a good thing supervillains never work together. He said he was doing it in justice’s name. The media dubbed him Injustice.

Now it’s time for Charlie County’s only superhero to take to the streets.

It’s time for me to put a stop to Injustice.

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