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“So he hung up on you. So what? He probably wasn’t even listening the rest of the time anyways.” Judy leaned in close to the mirror and stared herself in the eye. “You are over him, Judy,” she said sternly. “You were over him a long time ago.” Her straight black bangs curved like permanently windblown curtains across her forehead, the rest of her hair tied back in a tight bun. Her dark blue pantsuit spoke of a professionalism rarely seen so early in the morning. She pulled at her sleeves and took a deep breath.

“You are a perfect fit for your job. You will excell. Today is the beginning of a new chapter of your life, completely different than anything you’ve gone through before.” She nodded at herself in the mirror, smiling a strained smile. “Today is going to be perBBRRBBRRBBRR!” Her lips flapped rapidly as if blowing a raspberry – though the sound was much more high-pitched – and she instantly slapped her hand over her mouth in shock.

Wha- what was that, Judy? Are you going to embarrass yourself today? What’s wrong with you? You are in control, Judy. Control yourself, and you control the situation.

She licked her lips and took another deep breath, forcing a smile. “Control yourself, and you control the situBBRRBBRRBBRR!” AGH! What just happened?

Judy grabbed the edge of the sink with white-knuckled hands and gritted her teeth. “Get yourself together, Judy! Today, nothing can stoBBRRBBRRBBRR what is happening!? Stop! Stop, stop, stop!” The Judy in the mirror glared back at her, eyes wild, stretched grin almost feral.

“What is wrong with you this morning?” she asked herself, breathing hard. “You have a job to do, don’t have a mental breakdown. Not now. After your first paycheck, fine, I can deal with it thBBRRBBRRBBRR!” She grabbed her throat. “This is ridiculous, what in the name of John Pete Zenger is going on here? You’ve lost your miBBRRBBRRBBRR! AH! No! Stop! This is madneBBRRBBRRBBRR!”

Judy slammed her open palm against the mirror, making her reflection shake. “The world is going insane! This is impossiBBRRBBRRBBRR! I AM GOING TO KILL SOMEONE! I DON’T DESERVE THIBBRRBBRRBBRRBBRRBBRRBBRR!!!

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