Theodore’s Doctor

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Something was horribly wrong. He could feel it in his bones. He could feel it in the enamel of his teeth. He could feel it in the mucus lining his stomach- alright, maybe not in the mucus, but he could definitely feel something.

He’s made his move. I know it. No, not him – it. It has made it’s move. Do not elevate it by calling it a him.

He leaped out of bed like a lion after its prey, and rushed over to the computer at his desk. The fake wood squeaked slightly as he shifted the laptop closer to him and settled onto his rolly chair.

After entering his twenty-nine character password – there was delicate information on this machine – his desktop loaded up, and he double-clicked an icon of a plain black castle with three turrets. A window popped up instantly, and then proceeded to take two minutes to load the contents.

Come one, come on. It’s my turn, now, you horrid creature, you fiendish abomination. I’ve got you right where I want you.

“Aha!” he exclaimed as the loading bar reached the end. “All right, let’s see…” The blood drained from his face. This is worse than I thought. Far, far worse. He slumped back in his chair. “I’m done for. You’ve…you’ve won. Again.” His fist slammed down on the desk, making the laptop jump half an inch. “Checkmate again. Stupid AI.” He X’d out the window and angrily closed the laptop, spinning around in his chair. “Stupid chess.”

A tingling sensation spread across his body, and he gave an involuntary shiver. It’s happening. Why did I allow this to happen, again? Ah, that’s right – it was the only chance. Stupid cliche option. The tingling stopped, and he took a deep breath, feeling strength flood through him. I’d forgotten how good this felt. It’ll be little consolation when it all ends, though.

He huffed and pushed himself to his feet, eyes drawn to the small black notebook sitting alone on the desk shelf. Stupid idea. Power filled him like a breath of eternity, coursing in his veins and reigniting old senses. Well, no use putting it off – best find out the extent of the damage; establish a perimeter; put some ads in the paper. He snatched the notebook from its resting place and headed out of the room, locking the door behind him. Stupid plan.

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