6. Dawn of the Era of Qae | Qae

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“What is it you want?” I ask, unable to hold back my curiosity. It isn’t every day a large enough group of humans can agree on something, and nothing less could have Summoned me to this barren, fortuneless planet.

The huts making up the village around us are arranged in perfectly straight rows, stretching across the horizon for miles. A strange planet, to have bread such men as would live like this.

The gathering must contain men and woman from a month’s journey away, as there are far more people here than could fit in the nearest houses. I stretch my awareness down the rows of straw-and-mud structures, feeling for human consciousness.

I find none.

Not a single one? Not a single person is inside? The time of day doesn’t matter – I’m checking all across the globe. I stretch myself further, branching away from the huts and out, over the forests and plains and occasional canyons.


“If we do not tell you,” says the robed man speaking for the gathered people, “will you refuse to allow us into your Faith?”

It cannot be. And yet it is. Every single living human being on this planet is gathered together before me. And they all Summoned me with a single, unified Prayer.

I turn my attention back to the speaker. “You have successfully Summoned me, human. My Faith allows you your Request based on that alone. Will you not tell me what it is you want?”

The crowd is unusually, impossibly still, and even more silent. Not a babe’s cry can be heard across the world. I’ve never seen anything like it in all my time on the Pantheon.

“We are now a part of your Faith?” asks the robed man, ignoring my own question. Anger burns within me, but I smother it. He will learn, in time, if he does become a follower.

“If that is your choice, taken freely,” I respond in my deep rumble. It is the voice I always use for first Summonings. It usually makes a good first impression. Somehow, here, I don’t think it’s making any impression at all.

“It is our choice,” intones the man.

The air hums as the entire population of the planet repeats his words, though there is no way everyone could have heard him. “It is our choice.”

I will have to check into this people’s physiology later. For now, I content myself with enjoying the increase of power that an entire world of new followers brings. The strength of their Belief surprises me – such power usually only comes from long-time followers, yet every one of these humans Believes more strongly than my most devout priests back on my starting planet.

I smile benevolently, and nod my great head. These will bring me just the boost I need to finally start spreading my Faith in earnest. The entire Pantheon will know my name before long. And then, they will bow to it.

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