7. Dawn of the Era of Qae | Kiei

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Qae’s sudden rise to power surprised us all, and, perhaps, sowed a little fear and anger amongst the ranks of the Pantheon.

We Deities are a crafty sort – the ones of us who still exist, at least. We plan and scheme, make deals and treaties, and slowly, ever so slowly, we expand our Faith. Gaining enough followers for a measurable increase in power is no trivial task. The Deities at the top of the Pantheon worked to get there. They put in the millennia, they fanned the flames of Belief on dozens of planets across the galaxy, and they became steadily more powerful. Steadily. Incrementally. Not suddenly.

Even I, recent discoverer of one of the Creation Tools, find worry growing like a weed in the back of my mind. I, too, gained considerable power out of the blue – but I was already at the top. The others are no more afraid of me now than they were five hundred years ago, though they should be. We all know about the Creation Tools, know their might. It makes sense that possession of a Tool would grant an increase in power.

There is no indication that this Qae has found another Tool. Holding my own Tool, I would know.

His Faith exploded out of nowhere, spreading across countless star systems in the blink of an eye. Never in the history of Existence has such a thing been documented as his blindingly fast rise to the Throne of the Pantheon. He must be cheating – but how does one cheat the Doctrine of the Universe?

I intend to find out.

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