9. Era of Qae | Ies

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The Council, overturned in a single year. Kiei toppled from the Throne, the rest gone soon after. Qae wouldn’t tolerate a Council member who did not completely support him. The Council worked because its members were all so close in power, none too far above the others. With someone of Qae’s influence on the Throne, it has become a mockery. He is the entire Council now, or as good as. Only Kiei of the original Council still holds a seat, his Tool granting him enough power to at least resist the attempts to depose him.

The Council was overturned in a single year. Each member replaced with a god or goddess controlled by Qae. His rule is absolute, his power uncontested. Besides for that, nothing’s really changed.

These shifts of power affect only those who are a part of the struggle, who stand in the way of whatever new era is determined to entrench itself in history. Those lowly Deities such as myself are, for the most part, unaffected. What use does a giant have for a flea?

Still, I find it curious how Qae managed his coup, his impossible rise from the shadows of Existence to its peak. It must have been a long time in the planning, if even one with a Creation Tool could not stand untouched.

That bothers me as well. The reality of its existence is no longer questionable – the Tool is real, as is its power.

If Qae had also found a Tool, it would have been within his best interests to let it be known. It could only help his legitimacy. Yet he has shown no sign of holding a Tool. I will have to look into his methods, but it is not the most important thing on my list.

My list has always existed, in one form or another. Sorted in order of Universal Importance, and which things matter most to me personally. The two rarely coincide, but I make it work. Number one on The List right now is ‘Make sure Qae thinks I am less than incompetent’. Well, I have always wanted to crash a Council meeting…

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